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The School of Social Work offers graduate certificates for students interested in adding specializations to their social work knowledge. No more than two courses completed prior to admission to a certificate program may be used towards fulfilling certificate requirements. Courses must be completed with a grade of "B" or higher.

Graduate Certificate in Assessment of Integrative Health Modalities

The School of Social Work Graduate Certificate Assessment of Integrative Health Modalities will focus on integrative health, the current term used by practitioners in the field who feel strongly that treating the "whole person--body, mind and spiritual" is the route to the highest quality of health.

 The purpose of the certificate is to enhance students’ knowledge of integrative health practices. It will provide students with extensive knowledge of integrative health practices through directed readings in evidenced-based journal articles, expert lectures from community health professionals and ASU faculty drawn from across disciplines, field observation, an individual research paper, and a mindfulness in-class practice and class interaction which can enhance the quality and effectiveness of treating clients holistically.

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Graduate Certificate in Latino Cultural Competency

The United States is the fifth largest Spanish speaking country in the world and continues to rapidly expand its Latino population. By 2010, one of every four U.S. resident will be Spanish Speaking.  Currently, in the greater United States over 18 million persons speak Spanish at home.   The school of social work offers Latino oriented courses with an emphasis on Spanish language development for professional social workers.

The goal of the program is to enhance a social work professional's capacity for engaging in culturally grounded practice with Latino clients and their families.

The program is intended for the professional who wants to:

  • Learn the social/cultural context and theoretical principles of social work practice with Latinos.
  • Learn the critical cross-cultural factors that influence a worker's competency in forming professional helping relationship with Latinos.
  • Learn the social service delivery issues invovled in providing services for bilingual, and limited or non-English speaking Latino population.
  • Expand their employment potential by adding an expertise in professional services with Latinos.

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Graduate Certificate in Trauma and Bereavement (CTB)


The CTB program will better prepare individuals to work in the field of death and dying, trauma, and bereavement in clinical, organizational, and administrative settings, enhancing knowledge about grief responses and the effects of trauma, providing opportunities for students to research an often under-explored topic, and helping transform the sociopolitical management of grief, traumatic losses, and end of life issues in contemporary society.

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Graduate Certificate Program in Treating Animal Abuse


This professional development certificate is open to Masters or PhD level professionals in such disciplines as social work, psychology, nursing, counseling, psychiatry and other health and human service professionals and may include CEUs. This is a NOT FOR credit program. A minimum of a Master’s degree is required to enter the certificate program but professionals with a bachelor’s degree in health or human services can take any of the courses with CEUs available.

The Treating Animal Abuse Professional Development Certificate Program is a collaboration between the ASU School of Social Work and Animals and Society Institute that focuses on  training advanced level health and human service practitioners to treat those children and adults who have abused animals. Animal abuse is a very serious and alarming behavior. For children it is one of the early manifestations of conduct problems associated with “low empathy and callous disregard” (Dadds, Whiting & Hawes, 2006, p 141) and requires intervention (Merz-Perez & Heide, 2004). A substantial body of research also suggests that animal cruelty may be an early indicator of later violence toward humans, as well as included in one of a cluster of deviant behaviors in families such as domestic violence, child abuse and elder abuse.

Foundational Graduate Certificate in Gerontology


Arizona State University/School of Social Work (SSW) and the University of Arizona (U of A) offer a joint 7 credit Foundational Graduate Certificate in Gerontology through the U of A/Center on Aging. The certificate is designed to enhance the disciplinary competence of graduate students and professionals who want to work more effectively with older adults in a variety of settings. Courses are available entirely on-line and the internship is completed in an approved aging setting in the community. Disciplines include social work, nursing, medicine, law, public health, counseling, pharmacy, and public administration. Applicants may begin the certificate in the fall or spring semester.

Click here to learn more about the Foundational Graduate Certificate in Gerontology.

Click here to learn more about the Office of Gerontological Social Work Initiatives and the Foundational Graduate Certificate in Gerontology.

Graduate Certificate in Program Evaluation 


The Graduate Certificate in Program Evaluation is a college-wide program in which all of the Schools in the College of Public Programs participate.  The certificate provides students with a basic grounding in the applied and conceptual tools of conducting evaluation research. It is appropriate for professionals who are interested in learning more about program evaluation but do not prefer to do an entire master degree such as the Master of Science in Program Evaluation.  This certificate program provides those in the government, nonprofit and private sectors with the necessary skills to implement evaluations.

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